Marriott Hotels, Intercontinental, Grand Hyatt

The Ask

Increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and the number of incoming calls.

  • Creation of a selling website.
  • Increase of traffic to the site.
  • Informing clients about the company’s products.
  • Increase of sales.


  • Development of a user-friendly and effective in terms of sales landing page.
  • Development of design following all the rules of landing pages and usability.
  • Filling of the website with a unique and useful for the user content that describes all the advantages and characteristics of the hotels.
  • x10 times

    increase of traffic to the website

  • x4 times

    increase of user loyalty

  • 55%

    decrease of attracting customer cost

  • 32%

    increase of internet-promotion effectiveness

  • 40%

    increase of the audience coverage

  • 70%

    number of clients increased

  • 100%

    increase of the visitor’s involvement

  • 67%

    increase of conversion of all forms of the website

  • x4 times

    conversion from mobile devices increased

  • x2 times

    user time on the website increased

  • 32%

    decrease of bounce rate

The Ask

Targeting advertising. Increase the number of bookings and calls from the website by taking into account the seasonality and prioritization, as well as to increase conversion rates.

  • Increase the number of leads.
  • Increase the number of bookings.
  • Reducing the cost of attracting leads.
  • Optimize budgets for advertising campaigns.


  • Budget increase up to 40%.
  • Connecting strategies with conversion optimization.
  • Use of special analytics service.
  • Implementation of performance-marketing elements.
  • 43%

    CPL decreased

  • 133%

    increase of CR (% of conversions)

  • 46%

    increased number of leads