Client Background

Escape Welt is one of the market leaders in quests and the largest manufacturer of wooden
puzzle toys from Leipzig.

The circumstances of the pandemic forced us to find a solution and move the quest rooms home.
Along with this was born the idea of creating a mobile game based on the prototype of the quest and wooden toys. Quest Puzzle is a casual puzzle game, with unique details and different game modes.


  • Competitor category analysis and application testing

Primary collection of category statistics, competitor analysis, using services and platforms.
Testing the usability and cor-mechanics of the application.

  • Creation of a plan, approval of goals and budgets

Defining key performance indicators (KPIs) with the client, making a plan for expenses
and estimated revenues from mediation and intra-game purchases. Agreeing on a traffic budget for each attraction channel.

  • Recommendations for developing creatives and fixing bugs

Drawing up the terms of reference for the development of static and video creatives for various locations. Dimensions, formats, duration, and concept. Providing examples. Recommendations for fixing obvious bugs and flaws. Advice on the implementation of features.

  • ASO (Application Store Optimization)

Text and visual optimization of application pages in AppStore, Play Market, Galaxy Store and Amazon Store. Creating a semantic core, selecting keywords, optimizing the main and advertising text. Advice on how to create creatives for the design of the application page, icons, and promo video. Use of special services for deeper and better optimization.

  • Analytics and tracking

Integration of Firebase, AppsFlyer, Amplitude, AppMetrica to collect statistics and build reports. Markup of advertising channels, to track the effectiveness of player engagement. Import of game events to optimize advertising campaigns.

  • Mediation

Setting up the MAX AppLovin mediator to place third-party ads in the Quest Puzzle app.
Connecting AdMob, Facebook mediation, AdColony, TapJoy, and others. Ranking and displaying ads via bidding and waterfalls. Integration of mediation with analytics.

  • Testing traffic channels and setting up advertising accounts

Creating and configuring Google Ads, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat advertising accounts.
Purchase of motivated traffic. Testing of CPA networks. Integration with bloggers. Geo: the whole world, with a focus on the U.S., UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, and other Tier 1 countries.

  • UX/UI Design

Development of new design sketches for Quest Puzzle by the OWLab team of game artists.
Drawing the main menu, buttons, playing field, details, etc. As a result of testing, the updated
art – an increase in R1 = 30% and R7 = 10%.

  • Integration with publishers

Collaboration with mobile game publisher companies on mutually beneficial terms.
Quest Puzzle integration with the publisher’s platform. The publisher company tests the application at its own expense, analyzes the result and offers development prospects with their participation, where the publisher’s experience, expertise and marketing budgets play a major role.